Who We Are


Turley Solutions and Innovations is a Managed IT Services Provider headquartered in Bartlesville, OK. We offer IT support, security, strategy, and solutions to small and medium businesses in Northeastern Oklahoma. Our IT solutions will optimize your productivity and change the way you think about information technology. With 15+ years of IT experience in all of the major industries – Oil & Gas, Finance, and Healthcare, we are able to bring the right technology to any environment. 

We are people who understand that technology is not exciting for everyone. Keeping up with services, new operating systems, and the latest hardware can be a chore for a business owner. Technology is our passion and we endeavor to bridge the excitement of new and improved technology with the prospect of increased productivity, reliability, and profitability to any business we work with. We enjoy connecting the dots to all of the IT services available and work with you, the owner or manager, to implement those dots into your own picture. 


What We Do


As a Managed IT Services Provider, we provide IT services – support, security, strategy, and solutions – to meet any need a business owner or manager may have. For any situation, from managing a mobile workforce, tying sites together through a VPN, or installing new network infrastructure, we have solutions. 

Our approach to supporting centers around a proactive principle. We are able to maintain and monitor the performance of your workstations, mobile devices, and servers remotely. This allows us to proactively resolve issues without any activity from the workstation user. We also provide remote and on-site support for those issues that need our intervention. Sometimes an issue with a web application can arise. With 3rd party applications or Line of Business applications, we can provide perspective into where the issue lies and provide guidance as to who can best assist with the issue.

With security in mind, our IT services include multiple layers for a safe and secure environment. Web-based firewalls on every workstation, daily updates to anti-virus, hardware firewalls, spam filtering, VPNs, the list goes on. We leave nothing on the table when it comes to securing your network and infrastructure. Improper configurations and human error are a large factor in most data breaches (Data Indicates Human Error Prevailing Cause of Breaches). Coupling this with the vulnerabilities with email (92% of Malware Delivered by Email) and the likelihood of a cyber-security event increases exponentially.

The strategy is the framework for success. We create an overview of your current IT situation and provide a road map with our suggestions on where you want to be. Each and every aspect of IT is addressed and you get a high-level overview of where you stand. Our IT services are tailored to address most underdeveloped areas typically found in small and medium businesses. Additionally, we take into consideration your ideas and aspirations and work them into the overall picture that is your business. We also look into your current procedures and uses revolving around technology and offer suggestions to increase productivity, bring new functionality, or provide alternatives that may better suit your needs.

Solutions for any project, issue, or need are out there. We make technology work for you so that you don’t have to worry about what may be missing from your technology stack. If you have an idea that you believe will increase revenue, we are excited to delve into the possibilities with you and find the right IT services that fit your needs.


How We Do IT


With clients, our goal is to understand your business so that we can alleviate any pains that may exist. Aside from monitoring and maintaining your IT infrastructure, our IT services are not only focused on the discovery and business continuity but leveraging technology to streamline your business processes. Most IT support businesses work reactively – charging hourly for a fix that may or may not be temporary. Our goal is to fix the issue once and for all so that we can focus on more important aspects of your business like projects, automation, policies, and procedures, etc. We view our relationship as a partnership to help you focus on your business while we focus on ours, your IT infrastructure.

By utilizing a proactive approach, we discover and resolve most issues before they are even on anyone’s radar. This approach also allows for more productivity, reliability, and profitability. We keep you abreast of the overall health and vulnerability of your environment with reports that demonstrate the issues that were resolved and potential liabilities. We also provide a road map of where you are and where we are taking you so that the big picture is always in focus.


Why We Do IT


At TSI, we strive to help others, treat others as we want to be treated, and want to make life easier for as many people as possible.

In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you. – Matthew 7:12 

The core values that we hold and demonstrate in our business and lives are being responsive, professional, friendly, and accountable. We are responsive to your inquiries, issues, and needs by promising a same-day response. By being professional, we exemplify the seriousness with which we view your trust in our services and capabilities. You place the livelihood of yourself and others in our hands and we do not take that responsibility lightly. Our friendly approach helps open the lines of communication so that we can truly understand your needs, hopes, and aspirations for your business. Finally, accountability is the essence of why we do IT. We want to strive for a better world and hold ourselves accountable for the steps we take to achieve that.

Leave this world a little better than when you found it. – Robert Baden-Powell

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